How To Dress For A Wedding Like A Royal

Hello!  I am back with another segment I produced this past spring for WBTV's Morning Break show! This one was one of my favorites because it was all about dressing for a Royal Wedding, which meant that I got the opportunity to dress up like a princess on tv--I mean what could be more fun than that? Here is a clip of the segment.

Click the image to view all the Royal Wedding fun!

Click the image to view all the Royal Wedding fun!

Now, just because all of us may not be going to a royal wedding doesn't mean that we can't bring aspects of the royal dress code to other weddings we are attending. For example, I LOVE the idea of wearing extravagant hats or fascinators to a wedding--they are very elegant, yet a fun way to amp up your wedding style.  Here are some of my favorite hats and dresses that would be great for any high noon or dressier weddings in the South. Shop some of my favorites in the blow collage to don your next wedding in the very best style!

Dresses : 1. I love the bows on the sleeves of  this  dress! 2.  This  dress is perfect for those on a budget. 3. I am OBSESSED with  this  color. 4. The floral on  this  dress is perfect for summer and spring.   Hats : 1. How FAB is  this  fascinator? 2. I feel like Audrey Hepburn would rock  this . 3.  This  hat is simple, yet elegant, much like ones featured in the segment. 4.  This  headband is so cool.

Dresses: 1. I love the bows on the sleeves of this dress! 2. This dress is perfect for those on a budget. 3. I am OBSESSED with this color. 4. The floral on this dress is perfect for summer and spring.

Hats: 1. How FAB is this fascinator? 2. I feel like Audrey Hepburn would rock this. 3. This hat is simple, yet elegant, much like ones featured in the segment. 4. This headband is so cool.

Spring and Summer Trends

A couple months ago I had the pleasure of visiting the WBTV studios to help with a segment on Spring and Summer Trends. A few trends I have been most excited with for the warm weather seasons are Floral, All Over Bling, and Sheer-specifically Tulle. Check out the video below to see the segment on those trends!

Here are some of my favorite pieces I found for each trend below. Just click on the caption below to purchase any item. Which one is your favorite??

Two-Piece Sets

For summer, I've been loving two-piece sets. The best part about two-piece sets is it does the styling for you--great for those who are always on the go! Sets give the matchy-matchy look without trying too hard. Although matching sets together create an entire outfit in no time, it is also fun to mismatch sets. For example, I paired this Wayf crop top with an amazing leopard print skirt from Topshop (similar here and here); the pairing may not necessarily "match" but somehow combine to make an awesome night out look! 

IMG_3480 copy.jpg

I've listed a few of my fave sets below. I love that there are sets available in all types of bottoms, which gives the freedom to choose both day and night looks that you can dress up or down with ease. I'm OBSESSED with the floral sets for summer vacations at the beach!

1.    top  and  bottom  2.  top  and  bottom  3.  top  and  bottom  4.  top  and  bottom  5.  top  and  bottom  6.  top  and  bottom

1. top and bottom 2. top and bottom 3. top and bottom 4. top and bottom 5. top and bottom 6. top and bottom

SouthPark Magazine featuring Brooke Hall

I am trying to get caught up here on the Queen City Style, and I am certain it will not ever truly completely happen; there is so much I want to share!  Does anyone else find themselves distracted by squirrels with just about every turn they take?  Lately, that's me.  Most important of all, my two precious peanuts keep me so so busy... I find motherhood to be more and more exciting, fun and rewarding at every stage.  We just returned from the beach. I basically want to soak them both up every single second, like the sun. Look at these two handsome studs!


The May fashion editorial for SouthPark Magazine was probably one of my favorite projects to date.  Olly Yung, as always, was brilliant behind the camera.  We enlisted native Charlottean and my beautiful on the inside and out friend, Brooke Hall , to be our model.  Mega-star hair and makeup artist gal pal Jami Svay did her thing.  So much of this project was about Brooke.  Brooke defines embullient beauty, and so it was really necessary that SHE be the model, showcasing the very best fashions I could get my hands on around select original spots in our great city.  These images are so life-giving for me.  I hope you enjoy them too!

Mouchkine Jewelry

Hi everyone! While it has been a wonderfully busy couple of months, sadly, it also means I have not had time to post on the blog. I missed y'all and hope all is well! The good news is I am back and have come to tell you about Mouchkine Jewelry, a jewelry company in Paris, France that I have been obsessed with (via their Instagram) for a while. They have such unique pieces--kinda remind me of the Dolce & Gabbana aesthetic-- with the extravagant florals that make a great statement to any outfit. They were kind enough to send me the most killer amazing pair of earrings shown below picture. I am absolutely in love with these and have no other earrings quite like them, making them an awesome addition to my collection, and potentially yours as well!

These are the pair of earrings Mouchkine Jewelry sent me! 

These are the pair of earrings Mouchkine Jewelry sent me! 

What's great is that they are currently having a sale on a ton of their pieces! I've linked a few of my faves below! You MUST check out this company.  They have THE coolest pieces.

Goodwill Style Stories with Stacee Michelle

Lots of you here know my appreciation for great one of a kind threads at ANY price.  Because of my early exposure to great fashion by way of my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother, I have a strong affinity for high end vintage clothing and accessories.  I am naturally drawn to anything that will yield a one of a kind look.  This usually leaves me not purchasing off the rack but insteaded shopping vintage or creating curated looks made up of pieces from here, there and, well, everywhere!  Remember this dress?

It's a great Malia of Honolulu vintage frock; one of my favorite little summer dresses.. and guess where I found it?  You got it.  GW Goodwill!  A little treasure hunting, and you never know what you will find at Goodwill.  You might remember my GW segment with Jon Wilson talking all about it while wearing a fab DVF dress I found there.  With my personal styling work for private clients comes lots of closet editing.  I encourage clients whose taste changes over time to lovingly pass on some of their things that were once favorites but are no longer getting their fair wear.  From J.Crew to Givenchy, and for a fraction of the price, you can find it at Goodwill.

And NOW... Teaming up with Goodwill to help spread the word about GW boutique and The Goodwill Opportunity Campus is my friend, fellow stylist and fashion insider, Stacee Michelle!  With her bubbly personality and always camera ready smile, Stacee shares some of her favorite GW finds!  The Goodwill Opportunity Campus on Wilkinson Blvd is a state-of-the-art facility providing the most comprehensive collection of resources and opportunities for individuals facing multiple barriers to employment.  It's a campus like you've never seen.  You gotta check it out... AND Stacee's fab Goodwill finds

Let's Go Sailing!

Let's be honest.  We're all dreaming of it.  All the time, no?  The season is starting to show intermittment signs of warmth.  Weather wise, we're in a very unpreditcable part of the south.  One day it's 25 degrees, two days later it's 65.  It's how we roll.  Realistically speaking, we should expect cold weather to be around for 4-6 more weeks.  But each and every time it's sunshiny and warmer, like this past weekend running in shorts and short sleeves, I get the itch for the pool to go ahead and open!  Clearly Lauren's got warmer weather on the brain.  She sent over this vacation board that has me wanting and ready for bathing suit and shorts weather!  Spring Break is just around the corner... Yippee!

This lush modern black and creme towel goes with any beach outfit, be it for he or she. 

What's your favorite day of the week?  Start a conversation by wearing this on the wrong day!

I am really loving Zimmerman, especially their flirty frocks perfect for summer. These painted heart lace up shorts are so stinking cute. Meghan Markle would totally wear.

Another line I'm really loving now is Dodo Bar Or.  The mixed pattern of lines on this wrapped skirt is just adorable.  

Shop all of our Vacation favorite's below or HERE

A Day Of Style & Fun

It's that time again!  Pam and I are hosting our Spring 2018 Day of Style & Fun next Tuesday, March 20th, 11-7pm.  Grab your most fashion-loving friends, and get ready for a day of style, fun and LOTS of the bubbly.  Headed into our fifth show with House of Landor, we enjoy bringing new talented artists into the mix at each show.  This show will include:

Click on the artist's name above to see more on each of them, and below are more pictures to wet your appetite!  Hope to see you there!

Shop The Edit: Elevated Bohemian + Outdoor Pizazz

Last but not least, shop my personal favorite accessories feature--the Elevated Bohemian, along with Outdoor Pizazz for all those Southern Gents--in the current issue of Ballantyne Magazine!

Shop the Elevated Bohemian + Outdoor Pizazz Edits HERE if you are unable to see the below images in your reader. 

Elevated Bohemian

  1. The Navy Khloe Bag sourced from The Cheeky Bean is a great accessibly priced rendetion of the Chloe Marcie Bag.
  2. The gold and turquoise Byzantine neckace from Ballantyne Jewelers .. To Die For!!  Totally elevated boheme.  This one is cool. 
  3. Not to mention the Loeffler Randall sequin embroidered booties now on Mega Sale.
  4. The beaded and bedazzled belt from Anthropologie was so good I got one for myself and a client. 

Outdoor Pizazz

  1. The Sporting Gent offered up lots of great finds for your favorite Outdoorsman, starting with the Red's Outfitters Contender Sunglasses for all outdoorsy occasions. 
  2. Try some fly fishing cufflinks for your favorite fisherman. 
  3. The Duck's Back and Like A Fish Copper Flasks are so clever. 
  4. Grab an Old North State belt for your favorite Tar Heel. 

Shop The Edit: Worldly Weekender

So your man is a man about town?  Well we totally got him totally covered with our round up of goodies for the Worldly Weekender in the current issue of Ballanytne Magazine. Thanks to Ballantyne Jewelers, Neiman Marcus and Taylor Richards & Conger, we were able to source some of the finest threads our city has to offer the gents. 

  1. Grab Troubadour's leather and nylon rucksack bag for his next overnight getaway. 
  2. If you're man is a denim snob, well these are the jeans for him. 
  3. This classic watch from Ballantyne Jewelers should be perfect for just about any and every guy. 
  4. I'm not really into jewelry on a man, but there is one thing I have been digging the past few years.  I love the leather wrap bracelet especially in brown. TRC recommends one by Ben Pipano
  5. The chicest men's hoodie

Shop all of the Worldly Weekender edit below and HERE if you are unable to view in your reader. 

Black And White Party: Last Call!

In case you haven't picked out your ensebmle for the Mint Museum Auxiliary's upcoming Black and White Party, Lauren has put together a host of lovely (and hot!) outfit options for you.  And if you're not attending the Black and White Party, these are still some great finds for any upcoming spring soiree!

Click HERE to shop all of the below looks. 

Shop The Edit: Polished Professional + High Fashion Gent

Sourcing some of the best retailers in the QC, we included some hot looks for the Polished Professional and High Fashion Gent also in this month's issue of Ballantyne Magazine. One of my favorite hidden gems in the city is Nouveaux Consignment, located in the heart of Ballantyne.  If there is one thing I love it is high fashion and a not high price.  Nouveaux Consignment has a great collection of designer threads gently used and ready to be passed on to the next lucky owner.   

Polished Professional

  1. The black and white leather Tory Burch bag with resin chain sold the day I returned it from being photographed.  Do not dismay, there are plenty other amazing finds!
  2. The teal shade of blue on these Celine sunglasses from Nordstrom is fiercely cool. 
  3. The Epice denim cherry pop scarf from TRC W would be so chic styled under the Eleventy red fedora and paired with the Celine sunnies.
  4. Who wouldn't want a custom made 2.13 carat band like the one we styled from Ballantyne Jewelers?
  5. I love a red fedora.  SO strong and chic. 
  6. Michele seems to be the popular brand theses days for women's watches.  How about this two-toned diamond watch from Ballantyne Jewelers?

Shop the Entire Polished Professional Edit HERE.


High Fashion Gent

  1. This Fendi Monster Neoprene and Leather Tote is totally fun.  The entire collection is pretty neat I have to say. 
  2. My girl Kristin Hayes is making great pieces for men too.  If your guy is a cool guy, the oxidized sterling custom dog tag is a neat way for him to keep important dates close at heart. 
  3. These velvet Ferragamo loafers are perfect for more than just Hugh Hefner in the playboy mansion!

Shop the entire High Fashion Gent edit HERE

Shop The Edit: Refined Hipster + Retro Chic

For the current issue of Ballantyne Magazine, we couldn't leave the boys hanging, so we included a little something for the fashion-loving men in our city.  Your guy a hipster or hipster wanna be? (Aren't they all nowadays?) You're in luck!  Thanks to local shop, Tabor, we've got the hippest of the hip right here for you.  Say you dig retro glam like me?  Well you're also in luck!

  1. Every man should carry a pack of playing cards.  You never know when y'll need to duel it out the polite way. Ditch the phone.  Let's have some old fashioned fun say?
  2. Cools stars on your sneaks are no longer just for the hip Mom.  Golden Goose is officially taking over the world.
  3. He can stylishly keep all his sentiments in this preppy cool notebook by Thom Browne.
  4. Every gentleman should always carry a pocketsquare. You never know when you might need him to wipe your tears.
  5. Skultuna red and silver bulls eye cuff links.  So chic. 

Shop The Refined Hipster edit HERE

  1. I styled these Oscar de la Renta polka dot sequin ball drop earrings at The Chinese Lantern Festival for SouthPark Magazine.  Too good not to share twice!
  2. Mirrors on the heels of your velvet pumps.  Does it get any more Retro Chic?!
  3. The striped ribbon hair tie is so 80's prep!
  4. The vintage suede and leather bag was nabbed from Ballantyne's own Nouveux Consignment.  (You MUST visit.) Coach continues to impress me.  I really want their version

Shop the entire Retro Chic edit below and HERE if you are unable to see it in your reader. 

Mint Museum Auxiliary Black and White Party

I am excited to be on the host committee for this year's Auxiliary Black and White Party at the Mint Museum!  Of course, my favorite part about it all will be the fashion viewing on site at the main event.  If you haven't been to a Mint party, you really must, if for no other reason than to look at all the fantastic outfits on display.  Below is the party invitation, and you may purchase your tickets via the Mint Museum Auxiliary website or HERE.  Grab a date, grab a girlfriend and go!

Excited to be going, but not sure what to wear?  Do not dispmay!  I've put together a round up of some of my favorite black and which cocktail dreses on the web. 

If I had my way, you would likely find me wearing:

  • This Rubin Singer corset bustier with sleek black pants. 
  • This black and white striped asymmetrical silk tafetta cocktail dress.  The 80's at its absolute best!
  • This Carolina Herrera black and white polka dot dress.  80's at its best on steroids!!
  • And if I was feeling especially flirty, sexy and fun, this floral ruffle silk satin mini number.

Shop the full edit below or HERE if you are unable to see the below images in your reader. 

SouthPark Magazine Valentine's Fashion Feature

I was thrilled for the opportunity to work with one of the most talented and lovely photographers that I know, Richard Israel, along with a wonderful team of stylists and models on a recent fashion feature for SouthPark Magazine.  Richard is a wonderful portrait, wedding and fashion photographer with a style and edge all his own.  Most of all, he is a lovely person. Our models, Tonya Robinson and Tanner Junker, were totally on point, as was hair and makeup artist Teri-Lyn Hiroshige.  I had some great help from my hardworking, motivated and talented intern, Lauren. We even got to style one of Lauren's necklaces in the Central Ave. shot!  Charlotte has grown so much and continues to grow very quickly.  It was particularly fun to pair looks with some of my personal favorite spots--some new, some old--around our great city.  Take a look and see what you think!  And for the record, I think Tanner was totally sneaking a peak! ;)

Shop The Edit: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I had a blast pulling together an accessories edit for the current issue of Ballantyne Magazine.  I found so many things I loved and wanted to share that we were able to put together a story with a little something for, well, everyone!  I'll start with my favorite because who doesn't Just Wanna Have FUN?

  1. The rose gold disco ball drink holder is a party in itself.
  2. I love a great lotus leaf... on anything.  Especially a statement one. I love the We Dream In Colour lotus leaf necklace nabbed from Sloan.  I found it on line HERE.  Also love this one. 
  3. Policy Handbags, local made, are so fun for Panther games, concerts and more!
  4. I wore this OPI dark teal color all fall long.  It's the perfect nail shade between those cool and warm weather months!
  5. My girl Kristin Hayes does it everytime.  I've styled her tassel earrings--in silver, pink or forest green--in several photo shoots the past few months.  A party on your ears!

Shop the full edit below and HERE if you are unable to see the images in your reader. 

Carolina Blue, What Else?

Got my Carolina Blue Fox Fur from DHM Furs and Air Jordan's on.  What can I say?  It feels mighty good to be a TAR HEEL.

We are pretty excited over here, and so my fellow Tar Heels, you might as well go ahead and pull out your wallets. Lauren put together an all Carolina Blue board just for you.  These pieces in the prettiest hue of blue will take you on through all year long...

I'm not sure it gets much cuter than this polka dot cotton mini skirt.

The shape of this bucket tote is oh so chic!

Style Racil's knot front crop top with high waisted jeans, trousers or a skirt ALL summer long!  If I were in college now, I'd totally be wearing it on game day!

Shop ALL of our Carolina Blue favorites below and Here

You are a super star afterall.

Red Hot Valentine's Day from Lauren + Whitley

International Love Day is just around the corner!  Have no worry, Lauren and I have got you covered to make it hot, hot! 


I love the big navy bow on this red tank blouse.  Pair it over a navy or black turtleneck to wear now during the cold weather months, and wear easy with white capri jeans for the summer!

Glam sunnies covered in little hearts?  Yes, please!

Loving this whimsical beaded LOVE brooch by Mignonne Gavigan!  Wear it all year long. 

I am coveting anything by the super darling design sisters of Lizzie Fortunato!  These sweet and flirty flower shaped earrings add the perfect pop of pizazz to any ensemble. 

The one shoulder and ruffle on this crepe dress is adorable.  It's the one that would have me reaching!

Shop ALL of Lauren's picks for hot dresses, cool accessories and more below and HERE

Shop The Modist Sale

In terms of being impressed, right now, for me, it is The Modist.  If you haven't shopped The Modist on line, I highly recommend you give it a look.  The designers are not of the ordinary and the styling of the clothes, shoes and accessories is magnificient.  I think my draw to them is heavily influenced by their modest approach to style on the whole.  You will find very little skin showing, and lots of layering.  Layering in fashion is a great way to create your own one of a kind look, and dressing this way leaves so much for the magnificent imagination. The Modist does this so beautifully. 

The Modist philosophy: Welcome to The Modist (noun • The Mode-ist) – a first of its kind, luxury style destination dedicated to dressing modestly. More than just a digital platform, we are a philosophy for style and being, playing home to a carefully curated edit of leading fashion brands and stylishly thought-provoking editorial. Creating our very own Modist Movement, we are channeling a confident new voice which showcases a fresh take on contemporary fashion, styled to not only respect your style choices but celebrate them.

The Modist clearance sale is underway, and there so many stylish finds at more accessible prices. Use promo code Extra15 to take an additional 15% off sale prices.  A few of my favorites...

Yellow + velvet + midi length dress = total utter powerful simplicity.

Dying to put some of those famous red nailed hands on my neck.  Unfortunately this adorable blouse is sold out in my size.  Perhaps it's available in yours!

Riding aggressively on an embellish everthing wave, I find these tassled velvet shoulder cuffs to be beyond cool. 

This crystal edged flower brooch would be a whimsical yet beautiful adornment for your jacket lapel or neck closure. 

Want this entire chic quietly power house "I mean business" ensemble.  Very Amal Clooney don't you think?

Shop all my favorites below and HERE

What to Wear: Sadie Hawkins

It is officially Sadie Hawkins season for Charlotte area public and private schools!  And with that, my super chic, cooler than cool intern Lauren has curated some perfect head-to-toe (sans spray tan) outfits for the upcoming Sadies dances!  Feast your eyes on our one-stop shop... From the edgy gal to the simple girl, and at all price points, we've got you covered.

Up first, Lauren's personal favorite; this yellow-patterned (unbelievably accessible in price) dress paired with AMAZING Chloé platform heels and your choice of gold earring.

The one earring trend is offically back on the block.  Reach for Whitley's pick, this celestially fun moon and stars pair

Self Portrait always packs a fan-favorite punch.

This Alice Mccall dream goes well with pearls and silver, elegant, yet trendy sandals.  You might even let your mom (Whitley) borrow it. 

Into something a little different?  A slip dress... (think Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy wedding or Gwynth Patrow in that Calvin Klein long silver dress) like this black slip dress can be styled edgy-cool with a killer red metallic moto jacket, Tory Burch bandana choker, and monochrome booties

Shop all our Sadie Hawkins picks from the below images and HERE