Carolina Panthers Style Lounge

This is pretty much how my night went down, in pictures.  I hopped on over to my friend Katie's house, where I parked my car and we then hopped in her car (sippy cup in hand) to pick up our friend Chelsea. I am not at the game today (the below pic my husband just sent me from the stadium).  Upon entering last night, we were greeted with hospitality, crudites and pinktinis. We made our way through the stadium to the team store that had been transformed into a Style Lounge.  Fellow stylist Erica Hanks and her team did a great job putting together some hot football fashion looks.  If you went to the game today, did you see? Records were spinning, manicures were curin' and there is some REALLY cute new game day merchandise.  My favorite finds; a black sequin baseball style tee, and the piece de resistance, Panthers running tights!  (See Katie below).

We all left the Style Lounge for Fahrenheit for one last Hoor-ah to celebrate one of my running besties, Jenn, (tall blonde bombshell) who is moving to DC for an opportunity that cannot be refused.  This can only mean one thing... ROAD TRIP!  The hottest, most awesome, most fun group of Boston Marathoners I ever did see!  I sure am grateful for my running friends.  Happy Panthers Sunday ya'll!