Killer Dresses Right Now

So yes, I have a thing for dresses. A  major thing, and I've had it since high school. I have been collecting cocktail dresses for longer than I remember.  Even if there was no occasion.  Literally, I have dresses with tags on them since high school.  As a wardrobe stylist, I would tell you to purge 'em... unless they are just works of are that are that cool.  OR unless you write a fashion blog and you think there might come a day you will use it if for no other reason than to play dress up and get your picture taken, acting like you didn't actually know you were having your picture taken, but you did.  Because you write a blog.  If you do, you know.  Look, I've been playing dress up since I plopped from my mother's womb, and I don't think I will ever stop.  Consider this an invitation to in-box me if you want to pop a cork on the bubbly, turn the tunes way up high and join the twirling fantasy.  The only question is: Which dress shall we wear when we do?