Yes Sir! That's My Baby!

Photography: Ellie Lacey, on Instagram. Dress & Purse: Vintage, Sunglasses: Love Obsessed, Shoes: Cole Haan, Earrings: c/o chloe + isabel by ashlyn, Bracelets: Blydesign, Madewell, Jook and Nona. Ring: Melinda Maria.

I recently came into possession of a number of amazing vintage frocks and accessories like this navy dress and purse.  A friend of mine was given piles upon piles of heirloom brand and quality pieces passed along to her by her mother-in-law who was the caretaker for a very stylish elderly woman moving into assisted living.  The woman lived in a beautiful home on one of Charlotte's prettiest streets.  She had no remaining living relatives close by, and so my friend's mother-in-law was given many of her possessions.  The mother-in-law wanted the clothes to be passed onto someone who would value and appreciate them.  Knowing my penchant for high quality vintage, my friend notified me.  I rushed right over for a look, and what I did not take was passed along to a local theater.  Bergdorf Goodman's, Dior and Bob Mackie name a few of the brands, many of the pieces purchased on her regular visits to New York City.  When I went to my friend's home to collect the items, I  had the pleasure of hearing a few sweet stories from the mother-in-law who cared for this dear woman.  I learned her favorite song was "Yes Sir! That's My Baby!" and how she would sing the lyrics strolling down the hall.  It reminds me of the stories I would hear of my Great Grandmother watching the Lawrence Welk Show.  The memories tied to the owner are what make the items so special.  I can't wait to share more of these beautiful clothes with you.