Piles + Pipes

This is another outfit on my recent fabulously fantastic day shooting with Cousin Ellie (Instagram).  I've tried to hide skin in my car more times than I can count, nursing a couple of babies and now doing this outfit changing thing for the last three years... you could say I got it down pat.  No science.  More like "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon slouched between two car seats, or  "hey what are you looking at creep!"  BUT, this particular day, at a construction site, was a first. Mama, I know I make you proud in so many (other) ways.  But, it's all for the ART! T-u-hee Hee.  Thanks Cousin Ellie.  You rock. And thanks cooler than cool friend since the 6th grade for the chloe + isabel earrings (and not only saying that because her Aunt dated a Rolling Stone) and thanks awesome newer Charlotte friend for the W by Worth dress up party at your enviously SICK mid-century modern pad on crack.  Last, but not least, I can't tell you how much I LOVE the creators of Julie Lopez Shoes... My booties here.. comfy for days, as are all of their Italian made shoes (recently endorsed by OPRAH).  Piles + Pipes. Nothing but love.