Even Paris Hilton Does Not Have This Closet

Pictures via Pink Peonies

If you are a fashion blog-o-sphere junkie, there is no way you've missed Rachel Parcell's uber popular blog, Pink Peonies.  Rach is the leading brunette beauty fashion blogger of all beautiful brunette fashion bloggers... with amazing clothes... for days.  And shoes. And bags. And so on and so forth.  But her closet is what I am drooling over most of all.  I mean have you ever seen anything more magnificent than putting your home office IN your closet surrounded by the beautiful things that inspire you most?  One day.  I will say, however, I've done quite an amazing job DIYing my way into an aspiring home office.  I mean, I have kelly green quilted artichokes dancing across my prized vintage sofa couch.  Paris NOR Rachel have that.  SO. There you have it.  OR, below, you really can have it.