Dress: J. Crew (old, bridesmaid) Jacket: Forever 21. Coat: Beth Bowley (oh wow). Hose: Gap (here's a pair). Booties: Stuart Weitzman. Purse: Chanel. Sunglasses: Blinde. Hair: BLo ouT Photography: Moments By Donna

During this photo shoot, two and a half year old Precious Peanut #2 was having the most horrific head turning melt down temper tantrum you could ever in your life imagine.  I'm telling you people, what I do here; it is TRE glam.  Speaking of all things not so fabulous, I am back on the injury train.  You may know I am training for the Boston Marathon which is Easter Monday.  I was out all summer with a broken bone in my foot and chronic plantar fasciitis.  Embarrassingly, I strained my ankle eight weeks ago after a not so glamorous fall while trail running. Whether or not that is causing this latest ailment, I don't know, but mark my words.  If no three headed monster disguised as a cherubim is going to stop me from making fun photos to share with you, then no way is this annoying bump in the road keeping me from crossing that finish line in April.