Fit + Fab

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If you've been coming here for a while, and in particular if you follow the Queen City Style on Instagram, you likely know my passion for running.  I love it for many reasons.  It is my me time.  I love the down to earth people I meet from all different backgrounds.  Running serves as a stress release.  It is my time to be creative and just breathe in the air.  There are many reasons, but in summary, it is a means of physical fitness benefiting my mind, body and my soul.  Running isn't for everyone, but there IS a form of exercise that is right for everyone. I also love to dance.  You work every single spec of your body doing it.  There's a reason those people on Dancing With The Stars look so great!  As a member of my local YMCA, I safely call the local branch my home away from home.  Two of the classes I have not tried but absolutely want to are the Zumba and hip hop classes.  

So, when Zumba contacted me to discuss a partnership with them, I quickly thought to myself, I have the most brilliant idea!  My husband's cousin, Holly, (from here on out we'll otherwise refer to as Cousin Holly) is a Zumba teacher in the eastern part of the state.  For the last year I have shamelessly stalked her facebook photos.  She looks great.  She looks very fit, and most importantly, she looks so happy!!  My brilliant idea was who better to style out the Zumba threads and share the benefits of Zumba other than Cousin Holly!?

Cousin Holly and her sweet, precious family.

Cousin Holly and her sweet, precious family.

I am frequently asked about my personal fitness routine and how I find the time to fit in regular exercise. This is something that is very important to me, so I make it a priority in my daily life, but that does NOT mean finding the balance is always easy.  So, as I stay on a constant quest to find my own balance, and as the Queen City Style gets back to it's original roots of showcasing not just fashion but ALL things stylish, I am really looking forward to a new Fit + Fab series, where I will share with you all things fun in fitness.  I am so excited to welcome Cousin Holly as the first contributor for this new fitness series.  Over the next 8 months, Holly will share her experience wearing the Zumba apparel, and of course, she will educate us on the many benefits of this fat burning, energy filled, party like class.  Tomorrow marks the first day of this excited collaboration, so stay tuned!