I Love You Coffee And Harriet

Harriet, Donna and I had a fun little team meeting a few months ago at Mugs Coffee.  Have you been there?  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my Bucks and Bou too, but if I have my choice, it's always drink local for me.  For those of you who live or work in or pass through the Myers Park/Southpark area, Mugs Coffee is at the intersection of Park and Selwyn, in the Park Selwyn shopping center next to Portofino's.  Just prior to my first visit to Mugs, I met Magnolia Coffee Roastmaster, Jay Gestiwicki at a Warm Charlotte event.  This is some GOOD coffee y'all. Anyway, our meeting was great, but the not anywhere near great part is that our beloved Harriet is moving to London on Monday.  I'm very, very excited for her, of course, but Lord knows I'm going to miss this girl.  On the bright side, the Queen City Style will be gaining a London correspondent!  Does it get any cooler than that?  I can't wait to see and share what oh so stylish, fashionable and awesome things Harriet finds for us!  In the meantime, get on over to Mugs and get your Magnolia Coffee on.