Front Row Charlotte


I dare not label anything "the best", but I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it, Front Row Charlotteis the Queen City's fashion show you really should not miss.  I tell you that half-heartedly, simply because not unlike every other Front Row, this one is sold out well in advance of the day of the event.  That said, I whole-heartedly recommend you do NOT miss the next show.  Founded by fellow stylists Erica Hanks and Joey Hewell, March 5th plays host to the second annual spring show + shop at Center Stage NoDa. With an ever-changing roster of boutiques showcased at each season's show, spring 2014 will highlight current trends as presented by Coplon's, Coral, Our Place, Poole Shop and Social Dress Shop.  Additionally, local jewelry designers Erin McDermott jewelry and Melvin jewelry will display their own spring collections.

There are several things that make this show different from all the rest: 

  • Short and sweet.  Front Row packs just the right amount of punch giving fashion lovers of Charlotte a reason to want to attend each and every show.  
  • Show + shop.  Everything you see on the runway is available for purchase from the featured boutique's pop-up shop, right there on site, following the show.
  • Everyone sits on the Front Row. With a serpentine shaped runway, the only neck craning you'll be doing is in attempt to get a glimpse of the killer threads worn by other viewers.
  • Great Fashion. This isn't just on the runway (see above).  I say this with a dose of humor; one step in the door and you may fear you've forgotten your combat gear.  In Charlotte's ever image-conscious fashion arena, keep watch on your back for those dressed to kill.  
  • Front Row gives back.  All proceeds from ticket sales benefit a different charity at each show.  This season, proceeds will benefit Baby Bundles.

For more information on Front Row Charlotte, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.  I look forward to sharing pictures from the show, and if you're going, I hope to see you there!