Hangin' With Ninja


I already told you here how much I love my business manager, friend, runner extraordinnaire, beyond creative cool home girl Harriet.  She's moving back to her native land, England, at the end of March, and I am sadly counting down the days.  On the awesome side, however, the Queen City Style will be gaining a correspondent in the queen's country! And, as much as we love Harriet, we love her little dog too.  Ninja is a superstar.  The girl has run marathons. Twenty seven miles with Harriet on her twenty seventh birthday, to be exact.  Follow all of Ninja's happenings on her facebook page.  Everyone's doing it.  PS-That's our sweet Macy girl.  Did you ever see a prettier 12 year old?

Hope you enjoy these dog days of winter.  Springtime is almost here!!