Boston Marathon Here I Come

This will be my first Boston race.  I have been injured off and on for what seems like a year now, and while I was not happy at first knowing I would not be running a hopeful race of my career, there are no words to describe how excited I am for the experience.  I plan to run the stop and smell the flowers pace and just breathe in the moment. The momentum has really been building within the running community.  This will also be my first time to visit the great city of Boston.  I thrive on culture, accomplishment and smiles, and I can't wait to be enveloped by all three.  Just like 911, I expect there will be some sad moments in remembering those affected by the horrendous bombing that took place at last year's race, but as a result, I think there will also be a movement of miraculous love, joy and pride over the entire city.  

If you are interested in tracking my race, come follow me!  Directions are here, and my BIB # is 16129, which basically means I am seeded 16,129 out of 36,000 of the words fastest runners.  HA!  What a race!!  This video has me getting excited.