Check Out This Awesome Neck Candy

One of my favorite web based landing spots for taste makers and all things stylish and chic is The Coveteur. There is almost never a featured fashion icon whose style I don't absolutely love and whose home I don't want to invite myself over to for coffee and dress up with for hours on end.  Anna Dello Russo, Linda Rodin, Natasha Goldenberg, and of course, the super chic and always polished Miroslava Duma are among some of my make believe best friends.  They don't all dress with a completely unapologetic sense of craft.  Some of them do, others a little more restrained, but they all do their own thing better than anyone else.  Which leads me to, Mignonne "Maggie" Gavigan, the creator behind the the above pictured insanely intriguing scarf necklaces.  

I have not met Maggie, but she totally reminds me of one of those Coveteur gals.   So you can imagine my excitement when I was invited to a trunk show tomorrow, Tuesday, April 15th 11-2pm and 6-9pm, where she would be selling her gorgeous works of art. To attend and get directions to tomorrow's show taking place in the Myers Park area of Charlotte, send your RSVP to KINSEY@MIGNONNEGAVIGAN.COM.

PS--Here's as shot from my Couveteur- inspired interview with Charlotte's own FOUR Magazine, whose intention is to "reflect a collaborative fusion of provocative and unapologetic design, fashion, art, and culture".  I think I need some Mignonne Gavigan in my closet STAT. Don't you?

Hope to see you there!