BLo Baby BLo

Jacket: J. Crew. Shirt: thanks to La Senorita Jolie. Jeans: thanks to Chip & Pepper. Shoes: Cole Haan from Constance Consignment. Ring and Hoop Earrings: Melinda Maria. Necklace: thanks to Melvin. Bracelets: thanks to bly design and Chelsea Charles.

As of late, I've been getting lots of questions and kind remarks on my updo's.  So, without further adieu, it's all thanks to BLo ouT.  If I have a big event or speaking engagement, my new favorite "pick me up and see me ready" is getting my hair fantastically did from these lovely ladies.  Charlotte's trendsetter of the blo-out craze, BLo ouT, now has three locations; SouthPark, Myers Park, and a brand new third at Jetton Village Shopping Center in Cornelius for those of you living near Lake Norman.  I'm big on updo's since my own craft stops at the ponytail, but whatever style it is you desire, BLo ouT will take the very best care of you, and send you on your perfectly coiffed way!