Vignettes In My Living Room + Dining Room

Last week I excitedly shared my Living Room and Dining Room redesign with you, and so today I wanted to follow up with some photos of a few vignettes around the room.  Thanks so much for all of the sweet comments and complements.  Fashion and style are all such a personal matter of opinion and taste, and so regardless of you what your own personal style is, thank you for allowing me to share my latest design project with you!  Interior decorating is my second favorite form of channeling creative frustration, behind fashion, of course.  I am no trained expert, but one thing I do know how to do is have fun.  I think these two rooms are a reflection on my passion for having as much fun as possible with whatever it is I am doing in this life.  Hence the disco ball!  I LOVE to accessorize, and they do say it's all in the details, no?  With my attraction to so may different styles, it will be an accomplishment if this room makes it three years in its current design state!  Cheers y'all!