This Dress Made Me Do It

Dress: Free People.  Shoes: B Brian Atwood. Bracelets: Thanks to BlydesignEarrings: Lettees by way of Back Yard Baby. Sunglasses: Blinde. Ring: Melinda Maria.

Yes, this dress made me put my hands on my hip and strike a pose.  And maybe the shoes, which are now on serious sale.  I think that is an occupational hazard of working with real live models.  What else is a girl to do with her hands than put them on her hips?  Well, I learned from one photographer friend this week that, as it turns out,  putting your hands on your hips in photos is like saying "I have no idea what to do with my hands."  Well, Ok.  And, since I am no model, on the hips they go.  Interesting stuff though. Anyway, as I said, the dress made me do it. I love the cuts on this dress which show just a tiny peak of skin in the front and back.  Below are a few currently available cut out dresses I love.