Crushing Mad On Blydesign


I'm a sucker for anything that kicks ass and/or is totally unique that no one else has.  The former is absolutely the case for one my current accessory obsessions, Blydesign.  The latter is too, at least with regard to my calf hair bangles in my Selwyn Ave/Park Road Shopping Center/carpool line microcosmic periphery.  While I've yet to see anyone else wearing the bangles, I know keeping up with Instagram that Katie Bly is killing it, and sadly I'm not the lucky sole owner of them.  Anyway, 'tis better to give (than receive?!), so in the spirit of sharing, here are a few of my favorites from the current Blydesign collection. I have always been drawn to the mystery of an opal, and the combination of it with the hammered metals and navajo-inspired pieces is just too cool.  Happy drooling.