Swimsuits For Every Body

I don't mean to be drawn to one pieces, but I am.  Remember this one?  Perhaps my favorite. Is it my age that finds them increasingly more sexy to me than a two piece?  Of the bathing suits I wear on regular rotation, probably three are two piece and two are one piece.  I purchased my first rash guard this past winter.  I think I like the way it hugs the body, shows less skin and leaves more to the imagination.  We are well into July as I type this and I am yet to wear the rash guard.  I slather on SPF 50.  I guess I just want the sun all over me.  Two piece, one piece, cute cover ups. rash guards... what's your preference? Check out my swimsuit picks in Charlotte Parent Magazine for every shape and size.  I'm sharing some great on line resources if you prefer to purchase your suits on line and not step into a mall, or scroll through a few of my favs above.