How Not To Wear: The Blanket Scarf Edition

We’ve all seen the women in the magazine ads and on Pinterest wrapped up in the seasons latest trend, the blanket scarf.  These women are always wrapped in a beautiful plaid bundle, laughing at something that is apparently on the ground, near their feet, and casually tucking a strand of hair behind their ear.  They look amazing and warm and comfortable.  The item is clearly one of those trendy must haves for fall.  One of my awesome clients purchased one, and so we thought we would have a little fun with it.

First of all, let me tell you…the blanket scarf is not a scarf.  At all.  It’s a blanket in every sense of the word.  A blanket that you could cover up with for warmth on a cold winter night.  A blanket that you could wrap around a sad, cold, homeless dog on the side of the road that would immediately provide warmth, comfort and a renewed lease on life.  See below... 

My client's first day wearing this “scarf” to the office inspired lots of comments that were all in the same genre of, “Oh!  You look…cold.”  The blanket scarf should not be worn as an actual scarf as part of your all day outfit.  First of all, you will probably have a heat stroke.  The sheer volume of the scarf will make things like typing or answering the phone or eating lunch, slightly difficult.  Unless you are in an urgent situation where your ears may freeze off, do not drape the scarf over your head unless you like being mistaken for a modern day Mother Theresa. 

The trick is to wear this piece as more of any item of clothing, not just an accent piece around your neck. It likely works best at a football game, a tour of homes, a patio happy hour, or any other occasion that takes place outdoors in the fall or winter.  My favorite look is to wear it as a top with a brooch to secure it in place while showcasing the alternate pattern on the opposite side of the scarf.  The brooch is back in a big way right now!  Try to raid your mom’s jewelry drawer next time you are home for some unique options, or check Etsy for some one of a kind brooches as well. 

You could also add a belt to keep the scarf in place and add some individual personality to the look.  I prefer the look with skinny jeans and short or tall boots. 

If you are a risk taker, you can wear it as a skirt with tall boots and a chambray shirt.  A brooch or pin will keep everything in place and avoid any potential wardrobe malfunctions.  This look is much easier to pull off if the scarf is a more neutral color so you do not look like you should be sporting a pair of bagpipes as opposed to a handbag.

The blanket scarf is now one of our favorite go-to looks for the season!  It’s a very easy item to throw on and take your outfit to the next level.  If you have rocked your blanket scarf this season please post your picture and share your fashion genius with the rest of us!