Holly Says: How To Impress The Host

It’s likely that there is some sort of social holiday gathering on your December calendar.  We know, we know.  Christmas is just a week away, but we couldn't not tell you about this one. Whether you read, listen and partake now or later, this is one you don't want to miss!  No matter if your holiday soiree is hosted by family, friends, your boss, or your potential in-law’s, thanks to my very special guest, Holly, we’ve got you covered!  Literally.  

First of all, check the previous blog entry, Gift Guide Of The Very Best Coats Ever.  If you don’t have a staple winter coat that you can dress up or dress down, gift yourself with one this season!  You don’t want to show up on someone’s doorstep in the ski jacket you got from your Uncle for that trip to Colorado in 1994. 

Secondly, most of these events take place at someone’s house.  That means seating will likely be limited and there is a good chance children will be running around, at least for the first hour or two of the party.  In order to ensure that you don’t have an Indecent Exposure moment while playing board games with the kids on the floor, or trying to balance your plate of hors-d'oeuvres on your lap while sitting on the nearest stair step, we suggest pants.  If you brave a skirt just make sure it is long enough, when sitting, that you feel comfortable.  Skinny jeans are a great “go to” for these events.  Dress them up with a pair of booties that are comfortable as you will be on your feet most of the night.  I love the Splendid Lakota (here and here), and Whitley adores the Cole Haan Cassidy Strap Bootie, specifically in Blazer Blue.

If the gathering is casual, a great plaid shirt or the classic chambray shirt with a little “sparkle” via a necklace or great pair of earrings would be perfect.  The blanket scarf with a broach, (as reference in the most recent How Not To Wear post,) would also be great, especially if you will be migrating from fire pit or patio to the indoors all evening.  Enter the incomparable Blair Eadie for an always mesmerizing demonstration... 

But seriously, no matter how great you look, the host or hostess is most likely to remember whether or not you came bearing a gift.  A bottle of wine or champagne is always appreciated, but why not stand out from the crowd?  We present to you, The Naked Tart

These amazing little tarts are truly “A Yummy Blessing In Disguise”.  Each one is raw, organic and handmade, and most feature less than 7 total ingredients.  This contribution to the party is sure to please every Vegan, Paleo and CrossFit fanatic in the room!  They will also please those that love all things sugary and indulgent, and I speak from experience.  There are a variety of flavors available, some seasonal and some available all year long, and you can even order a special tart with edible flowers as added décor to really impress the host. 

I would recommend ordering an extra tart or two for yourself.  The fruit flavors, (lemon and lime are my favorite,) have a soft crust that mostly consists of dates.  The chocolate flavors have a crispier crust, more like a traditional tart, and are sure to please chocolate lovers of any age.  These tarts can be ordered directly through the website, and delivered straight to your home or to a local farmer’s market.  Now that you have your outfit and your hostess gift finalized, get out there and spread some holiday cheer!  

Hope you enjoy!  Holly