Pom Pom Puff Ball Overload

If I see one more of those fuzzy little pom pom puff balls hanging from some girls purse, I think I am going to snag them from her bag and force them down my throat until I choke and can no longer breathe!  So, that's how I really feel about overly popularized puff ball pom pom charm. Trends typically annoy me.  Not in the artistic creative, see how this designer articulates the trend compared to that one, but the way that I really simply cannot stand to do whatever it is that others are doing, or in this case, wearing.  Some of the more original fashion mavens....Bianca Jagger, Johnny Depp, Diana Vreeland, Diane Keaton, Iris Apfel, Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Obama.  The thing I love about each of these ladies (and gent!) is that while I may or may not identify with their personal style, I admire that they HAVE their own personal, consistent sense of style going on.  Jennifer Aniston and Kate Middleton too.  They do THEM.  Jen A, always so simple, monochromatic and fit, and Kate; always put together, hair combed, lip gloss and more often than not a nude pump....

Of course I say that, and then my style is ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE.  I tend to dress for the occasion and/or the people I will be seeing, and I tend to do that in a very maximalist way... whatever the style or occasion is.  One day it's bohemian, the next day classic, the next colorful and the next sophisticated.  

My (quite winded) point of this all is to do YOU, and every time I see this stupid little puff balls my face looks like an emoji I don't think is yet represented.  I'd be happy seeing one or two, but they are literally EVERYWHERE made my EVERY retailer.  That said, what do I know?!  I will brag on two of my favorite gal pal fashion bloggers, Blair Eadie and Bethany Diffey.  They both have their own thing going on and make that silly little puffball look so good everybody (except me) wants in on it.  Oh, and Jamie Meares over at i suwanee sells them at her store, Furbish and on line, I bet like nobody's business.

If you are diggin' the little pom pom puffballs, I've put together a list of the cutest I could find. Can't see those little fuzzy fellas down there?  Click HERE.