Halston + Warhol + Studio 54 Party!

The Mint Museum will be hosting a MOST exciting exhibit March 7 to June 14 featuring two of the greatest in the world of fashion and art. During the second half of the twentieth century, few figures are as iconic as fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick and pop artist Andy Warhol. Halston and Warhol: Silver and Suede is a captivating exhibition that, for the first time, unites the work of these two legendary men, offering a unique perspective on the intersections between their lives and creative practice. Organized by The Andy Warhol Museum in collaboration with Lesley Frowick (niece of Halston), Halston and Warhol integrates approximately 40 of Halston’s creations, including the iconic pillbox hat designed for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and his signature Ultrasuede shirt dress, with a broad selection of paintings, photographs, and videos by Warhol.  This morning I attended a media tour of the exhibit, and I promise there is no level of disappointment on display.  In anticipation of the big Studio 54 Party to kick of the museum's exhibit, of course I had to wear Halston, in some fashion, to the party.  I found the below Halston IV dress at a vintage boutique in Brooklyn after scouring the internet like a hawk.  Of course this is not how I will be styling it for the event.  Just you wait...

On a personal note, my Grandmother sent me to see the one and only Liza Minnelli perform in New York City in 1999, right after I graduated college.  I was living in the city, and my Grandmother was too frail to travel to attend the show with me.  But I will never forget her call... "Daaaahhhling, Liza Minnelli is puhfawmen' in New Yahk City, and you simply must go.  I am sending you."  Seeing the Halston dresses and Warhol's work of Minnelli, Elizabeth Taylor, Bianca Jagger and others... It takes me back to Nana's stories and my own imagination in my head transforming me to that very special fantastic place in time. 

Photography: Ellie Lacey on Instagram. Dress: Vintage Halston IV from Amarcord Vintage Fashion. Earrings: from Chezelle BoutiqueBracelets: thanks to chloe + isabel by Ashlyn Milosch