Airport Style

Did you catch my Taste Maker piece over at Peachy?  Two words.  Airport Style.  This day in age, it's T totally under-rated and under- appreciated.  Airport travel has gotten less pleasurable with each flight, and we want to be comfortable as the aisles and seats continue to shrink.  This doesn't mean we can't continue to put our best foot forward.  Jennifer, Black and Kate are three ladies who encompass fashionable airport style.  They are dressed relatively casual, but they key is that they are put together. 

My ever style-setting grandmother, Martha Whitley, was and is my forever style icon. From a very early age, she instilled the importance of putting your best forward forward at all times. Putting the time into your personal appearance sends a message not only reflective of the confidence you have in yourself but also the respect you have for others. I saw Nana display this penchant for confident style later in life when the mailman was perhaps the only person she would see that day and earlier in her life when she would travel. She made it seem this was perhaps THE most imperative time to make a best impression with your appearance. The airport may be the first, last and only time you saw a fellow passenger or new friend, but your finest impression would be lasting.