Your Head Looks Weird

If you live in the Charlotte area, next time you are at SouthPark Mall or in the area, be sure to snag a copy of SouthPark Magazine.  I very worked hard on this one, along with an amazing team of individuals, businesses and boutiques, and I am flattered, humbled and excited to be a part the May issue.  The below picture is one in the series of images where I get to show off some really amazing clothes from a few of my favorite local boutiques.  My oldest son, Hank, now 7, saw the below image come up on my facebook page.  I couldn't help but chuckle at his reaction to seeing me dressed up like this.  (Let's be honest, I am a working mom of two active boys, the only time I look like this is for a photo shoot.  The next closest I come is on Sunday for church, date night or when I am meeting clients, but it is a loooong way off from this.

Hank: Mommy, is that you?
Me: (Excitedly) Yes!  What do you think? 
Hank: I don't get it.  it's weird.  Your head looks weird.  You look like you are someone else.
Me: Okay, well, does the rest of my body look like me?
Hank: Yea.
Me: Well, then do you at least like my outfit?
Hank: Why would I like it?!  I'm not a girl! (Runs upstairs to yell at little brother Worth for singing Let It Go again).

Ahh.  The honesty of a child.

Photography: Zach Alston. Hair and Makeup: Deme Fourtounis. Jumpsuit: Yoana Baraschi (from ChezElle), here in black. Kimono: Tracy Reese (from ChezElle), and here. Wedges: Jimmy Choo (from Coplon's) or here. Earrings: Kenneth J Lane (from Coplon's), similar here. Ring: Available at ChezElleNecklaceby boe.