Could I Be The Breakthrough?

People.  Do you know how old I am?  38 years old.  AND a mama to two crazy boys.  Do you think I am too old to be playing dress up and sharing my outfits here with the rest of the world?  Probably, but one thing is for sure, I know I will never stop it with the playing dress up.  I feel 25.  I am going to be on the pages of one of Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style books when I am old and grey.  Just you wait. In the meantime, just like my Grandmother and Great Grandmother did, I get so much joy from putting outfits together.  It's an art that fills my soul!

So, one reason I keep sharing my outfits here is because readers like you make me feel really good. You say things like "Love ya from head to toe, but even more on this inside", "You are our very own Carrie Bradshaw of a new era!", "Thank you for making our hearts sing", "Thank you for sharing your love with us" and last but not least, "There is only one you!"  Your readership and your kind words make me feel like Sallie Field when she accepted her Oscar for one of my all time favorite movies, Places In The Heart. "You like me!  Right now, you like me!"  And, so I guess part of the reason I keep sharing my passion for playing dress up with you is that I think it brings you joy.  And, that brings me joy.

A long time reader sent me an email about H&M calling for the next Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year.  Can you imagine?  It seems a little comical for a 38 year old mama of two boys to hold such a title, but what the heck!  If you keep coming here and giving me Sallie Field moments, I'm gonna keep playing dress up.  So, here it goes... the below outfit is one of my very first posts.  Charged with the challenge to create an outfit of all yellow using only pieces in my closet, this is what I put together, styling a great little pair of yellow linen shorts from H&M, and to this day one of my favorite scarves, also from H&M.  So, what do you think?