Rhiannon Giddens + The New Basement Tapes

As a lover of local roots music since my early childhood, styling this talented, beautiful woman in a recent shoot was nothing short of a genuinely REAL amazing experience for me. Hollywood, models, socialites, media celebrities... I am just not a star struck person.  But after days of delving into her musical career in preparation for my upcoming work with her, I will say I was a little star struck meeting Rhiannon Gidden!  Not to mention her work for The New Basement Tapes, where she performs alongside some of my favorite modern day musicians.  I just love good music that makes me feel. She's just a person, we are all just people.  I would be remiss,however, if I didn't tell you this gal is Absolutely Drop Dead Gorgeous and talent OUT THE ROOF. Read more about Rhiannon Giddens here.

And this is where I start crawling out of my skin I get so fired up.  Watch these three songs from The New Basement Tapes, and see if you can watch it without knowing exactly what I mean. if you want to know more, check them out here.