I Got (a) BOB

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who voted for me for the Charlotte Magazine BOB Awards this year.  Style is such a personal thing, and the fact that either you dig my style, or you think I do a great job as your personal stylist, I want to THANK YOU for taking the time to vote. Charlotte is a growing city with a lot of great fashion at its fingertips.  There are a host of talented and stylish individuals and stylists in our community, and so it really is flattering to be voted for this award.  Thank you for your stamp of confidence and for reading the Queen City Style.  My work brings me more pleasure than words can express and the fact that you come here and read what I have to say is, well, just awesome. 

I only have a couple of images from the night of the awards party.  Included is my friend and the Queen City Style Chief Creative Officer, Chelsea, along with fellow BOB Award winners and long time friends, Shelly Domenech, IC London, winner for best lingerie store and Myron Greer, Myron Greer Design Horticulture, winner for best landscape architect.  Kicked off with an all star 90's dance montage, the entire evening was a blast. Charlotte Magazine knows how to throw a party.  

I've gotten to know Ramona Holloway over the last few years.  She's a peach.  And, while I feel like I know Matt Harris since I've listed to Matt and Ramona on 107.9 The Link for the last 14 years, this night was the first time I actually had a real conversation with him.  I knighted the moment with a clearly impromptu dance floor pic. Such a fun night (in my Valentino Red on mega sale at Coplon's)!