Lizzie Fortunato

I promised to tell you more about the designers I met at Poole Shop's annual Back To School event.  In my last post I shared gorgeous designs by NOVIS.  Equally fantastic are the jewelry and handbag designs of Lizzie Fortunato.  This team is comprised of adorable twins Elizabeth and Kathryn Fortunato.  They did go to Duke, but that is the only cross thing I can say about these otherwise absolutely delightful, adorable and talented young sisters.  See... 

I believe it was at Poole Shop that I first saw Lizzie Fortunato jewels in person.  I remember their collections consisted a lot of these unique leather, suede or fabric tube necklaces with brass detailing.

They have expanded their designs and collections, including handbags, all the while producing an intriguing, as ever, current product. Here are a few favorites I found while perusing the internet.  Many have tried to emulate the eye catching designs of Lizzie Fortunato, but there is only one OG.