Kate Moss In My Life

This is going to be one of those quickly written posts.  More and more they seem to be lately, but the Queen City Style is where it all started for me, and I love it (you) forever more. I was perusing Pinterest (my favorite social media time suck, because I am a slave to all beauty in the form of imagery), and I came across this photo of the person who is, if I had to say I have a style icon, my style icon; the incomparable Kate Moss.

I am not really a fan of the whole smoking-cigarette hanging out of the mouth thing, but if smoking looks cool on anyone, it's Kate Moss.

Anyway, you know how Pinterest is.  You see one picture, you click through, you pin it, you click through another, and the next thing you know you are on Pinterest for the night.  In saving the top photo to my Kate Moss board, I came across another photo that struck me, and I quickly remembered why.  The below photo was the inspiration for my Night Street Style photo shoot for the Carolina STYLE winter coffee table book that photographer Zach Alston and I shot with the one and only McKenzie Walden.  And then I realized, if there was ever a Southern answer to Kate Moss, it's McKenzie.  As Zach would say, WERK.

You see what I mean, yes?  It's there in her eyes.  Thanks to my friends at Denim House, Kristin Hayes Jewelry, Innovative Eye Care and, of course, my pal's Hot Wheels.  If you live in Charlotte and you don't know these stores and designers, you simply must go check them out. and say hello for me!