Draper James, Honey Pie!

"In the South, you can never be too kind, too gracious or too well-dressed". I don't know about y'all, but I have always loved my fellow Southern gal, Reese Witherspoon. She's smart, talented, brainy and my favorite, you got it, absolutely to the manor born.  If you adore this sweet Southern Belle as much as I do, now you can purchase a piece of her southern hospitality and genuine way for yourself, your home or for a loved one.  Reese has created the Draper James line, named after her Grandmother and her Grandfather.  At Draper James, you'll find "the perfect dress so that you feel pretty always, stationery for every occasion, and all that you need to make your space feel like Home, Sweet, Home".  I could not help but love how these gentleman's handkerchiefs just happen to spell out my Alma mater.  Coincidental? And tell me this hat doesn't make you want to go to the Derby. Here's a look at my current favorites.  Just click on the image to shop 'til your heart's delight, y'all.