SouthPark Mag: How It Went Down & Get It

Model: Chelsea Lewis, Photographer: Zach Alston, Hair and Makeup: Chelsea Kimrey.
Adrienne Landau Fur from Denim House, MinkPink Crop Top from KK Bloom, Alice + Olivia Loran floral jacquard skirt from Neiman Marcus, Eugenia Kim hat, Joie taupe suede boots and Nima jeweled clutch from Sloan, Twine & Twig Cowrie Collar, Chakoor silver bracelet from ChezElle.

I shared this photo last week at the bottom of a previous post.  This project is one of my favorites to date, if not my favorite.  A big thank you to SouthPark Magazine for putting their trust in me and giving me so much creative freedom for this shoot.  When I met with the Editor to discuss ideas for their Fall Fashion editorial, she asked me for my ideas.  My first question was "Do you have any parameters?"  Her answer?  "Fall Fashion".  Okay. Well, let's play ball!  I had not given it any forethought, because I was just so excited for a second opportunity to express my love of fashion on the pages of this great magazine.  But goodness, the proverbial flood gates were wide open.  No trends. No boring catalog sales pictures. Just straight up art, created with an amazing team and the intent to showcase the fall fashions available at some of Charlotte's hottest boutiques.  

The cover shot, taken in Dilworth, is one of my favorites. Just about every single items the model, Chelsea, is wearing, comes from a different store.  If you are interested in how the outfits came together, the crew came to my house; my basement transformed into a studio.  I mixed up some Buffalo Trace and Coke, along with fresh muddled cherries. We turned up the music, and suddenly I was that little girl at my Grandmother's house. Mixing and matching her clothes with my Great-Grandmother's.  This skirt, that hat, these shoes, that shirt, no this one, these earrings, this necklace, another necklace, oh wait one more.  Oh hell, just put 'em all on.  And so the outfits were born.  Not too much time, not a great deal of thought, but certainly a fair amount of discretion. If you live in the Queen City, be sure to visit these stores, or you may shop the post straight from this page, below the above image.