Gold Booties

One of my favorite fellow Charlotte bloggers (and interior designer by trade), Holly Phillips, recently posted on her blog, The English Room, her excitement for gold and sparkly booties. Holly's got mad wicked taste and style. I concur with her passion for the gold booties.  Earlier this fall I snagged a pair of my own during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  These TopShop gems have been a blast to wear at a price to celebrate. Here's a little inspo that I couldn't wait to conjure up when they arrived at my house... 

What do you think of gold booties?  I often have a hard time reigning in the fashion, simply because creating minimalist outfits is a no brainer for me, and I feel the need to push the creativity in order to breathe. But, I do love the simple straightforward downtown girl style of pairing the gold booties with a monochromatic ensemble or one with little to no color.

Here's a round up of gold and metallic booties for your shopping pleasure!  I am particularly loving this Rachel Comey pair.  Click HERE if you can't see the below images.