Shopbop Suprise Sale!

Okay party people.  Get ready for this one.  Go STRAIGHT to the Shopbop website. Do Not Pass Go.  Do Not Collect $200. Shopbop is having a surprise sale offering up to 40% off on select styles.  If you come here often, you know I love me some Shopbop.  Check out it out, including some of my favorite looks in this sale that lasts just three days, November 1 through November 3. Save up to 40% off select styles.  THIS, folks, is when I do my shopping.

(if you can't see the below images, click HERE)




Accessories and Things


PS--Some of these categories are stronger than others... It's late!  I've got to get up early to interview Lela Rose tomorrow at the Mint Museum ("cited!" as Precious Peanut #2 would say), and the sale ends on November 3rd, so I wanted to go ahead and give you what I got!  Happy Shopping!