Gift Guide: For The Fashion Fanatic

Now that it's Black Friday week, shopping season is officially in full swing!  By the way, yes I said Black Friday Week.  Week? Huh?  I was in J.Crew with a client on Monday night, and the manager was telling me that the store was total mayhem the entire weekend.  That's right. Black Friday actually started an one week before Black Friday.  Crazy.  Kinda like Christmas decorations up before Halloween.  Us Americans... we gotta have it, and we gotta have it YESTERDAY!  It seems a little rushed to me, but I do think this is a really good time to shop. Not just for others, but for yourself.  I rarely, if ever, purchase at full price.  If I see something that I love at 30-40% off, however, and I can pay for it in cash, that is when I make my move. On that note, if you're a J.Crew fan like I am, this actually is pretty significant...

My client is a young, beautiful dentist who wants to set a tone in her practice of looking and being approachable.  We all know appearance can set the initial tone.  Because she is still in her 20's (and paying student loans), brands like J.Crew, Anthropologie and Madewell are brands that will allow her to shop responsibly while dressing her age and looking put together. 

We both LOVED this festive plaid bow top from J.Crew for her.

We also got this bullet proof classic camel coat at 40% off... Insane savings!

So here we go... My first 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!  Shop all my picks to give to the Fashion Fanatic in your life.  Can't see the below images?  Click HERE.