Tiki Bar Glasses + The Officer/Band Style Jacket

I am working on putting together my Christmas 2016 Shopping Lists for you, but in the meantime, here are two things I am loving right now.

I haven't actually used these retro tiki bar glasses yet, but I can't wait to break them out next summer. I saw them through the glass doors of my bar cabinet, and they looked so purdy up against the hollywood squares back drop. Mary Beth and I were inspired by Charlotte artist Windy O'Connor's festive glasses she let us use on set for this SouthPark Magazine photo shoot, so we both nabbed a set of our very own vintage tumblers on Etsy.  

And then, I'm loving the newest member to my Band/Military/Officer/What Have You Style Jacket collection.  This Free People number is a value packed statement maker at the price.

This one is the piece de resistance, but then there's this better priced one too that I feel might be necessary.

Shop more Vintage Tiki Bar Glasses and Band Style Jackets HERE.

Oh, and one more thing... speaking of Mary Beth... mark your calendars, and please email me if you would like to receive an invite!  thequeencitystyle@yahoo.com