Fur Restyle At DHM Furs + Moonlight Madness Sale

I know you all know how much I love my Carolina Blue Fox Fur I got last year from Douglas Hertzberg Montaldo's Fur last year. I was originally pulling it for use in a Carolina Bride Magazine photo editorial, but since the coat was part of an Estate Sale going on at the time, the selling price was simply too good to pass up on a coat the color of my Alma mater!  Since that time I have developed a fond appreciation for the company not only because of the fine merchandise (new and consigned) that they sell but because of the excellent work that they do on fur restyle jobs.  The talented team of furriers and seamstresses are currently restyling a couple of pieces I inherited from family members and clients.  They are all lovely, but they are all in need of some TLC.  Just like humans and animals, furs need to be stored properly and cared for lovingly in order to maintain a healthy attractive appearance.  Douglas Hertzberg Montaldo's Furs is doing a wonderful job on my pieces, and I can't wait to show you the results. Fur restyling is a GREAT idea if you have pieces that do not fit but you would love to wear. 

Here are some images of my Great-Grandmother's fur in its original state.  I adore the dramatic over sized collar on this coat, but overall it was just too big for me.  You can see the holes and tears as well.  Much of this has to do with the coat having not been stored properly in transit and through the years.  The skin is dry and cracked.

Here is the fur after my first fitting.  You can see the alterations made, as well as the repairs to the holes and tears.  The fur has been reconditioned and treated with lots of love.  Amazing work!

The furrier and seamstress will also be replacing the lining that was completely shot.  They have salvaged my Great-Grandmother's monogram, and they will add it to the new lining along with my monogram.  That way we preserve the nostalgia while bringing it up to speed for its next life.  Thank you to my awesome Aunt for offering me this coat.  I'm such a nostalgic softie, and this project means so much to me!  I can't wait to show you the final results.  I highly recommend this service to anyone else who would like to wear a fur that may not otherwise fit them just right.  In the meantime, tomorrow, Thursday December 1 is a day to get over to Douglas Hertzberg Montaldo's Furs to shop all coats at 50% Off.  Amazing deals for the holidays!