Designer Crush: Katie Ridder

Katie Ridder's work has been a strong influence on my design inspiration since I first laid eyes on it.  The following two photos I recall as being the first of her rooms to make a lasting impression on me.  At the time I did not know who was decorating those spaces, I just knew they spoke to me.  The narrow space below is small but mighty, and the dining room was what inspired me to hang a disco ball in my living room.  Ms. Ridder's work helped me come to the realization that I was drawn to color blocking and strong design.  Most recently her work has lent inspiration to me painting my family room--walls, molding and ceiling--one single color of high gloss grey.  Wallpaper and lacquer are a monetary stretch for me at this time, and so I have found bold colors, all over color and high gloss paint to be the next best way to achieve a high impact look on a budget.

As stated in her bio, New York Home noted that "yet to call her work eclectic is to miss the point, for while it reflects diverse influences, it's recognizably the product of a single sensibility-one with a distinctive take on color, texture, proportion and scale." Here are several Katie Ridder rooms that leave me staring for days.  What do you think?  Is her "distinctive" style too WOW for you, or does it totally awe-inspire you like it does me?  See more of Katie Ridder's portfolio HERE.

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