Arzberger Stationers

Earlier this week I had the exciting pleasure of getting a back stage tour of one of Charlotte's oldest small businesses, Arzberger Stationers.  I've always appreciated the importance of a hand-written note and the lasting impact it makes over any other form of sharing ones sentiment.  As I wrote in Winter 2013 of Fort Mill Magazine, touring Arzberger further influenced the notion that 'letter writing today is a delicacy of tradition indicative of chivalry, style and proper manners.'  

I enjoyed learning about all of the heavy machinery used to print monograms, invitations and make personal some of the most beautiful papers I have seen. Similar to the intricacies that go into cooking from scratch cuisine or the details that cannot go unnoticed in high quality hand sewn clothes, touring Arzberger allowed me to form a new level of appreciation for the time and attention to detail that goes into creating a single printed piece of paper.  Envelope liners are hand glued to the envelopes, and each machine is operated by a single employee.  Many of the employees have worked at Arzberger for decades.  Touring the facility, you quickly get a sense that there is great pride that goes into each and every finished paper.  The team of fine folks over at Arzberger Stationers so creative and talented.  I cannot wait to write on my lovely new stationery!