Step MOB Attire

Today's post is a grouping of dresses I have sourced for a very special client who is looking for a dress for her step-daughter's wedding.  The wedding will be held at a sweet and lovely farm here in Charlotte, NC. Looking at the location website, I envision understated elegance.

Since my client is not the mother of the bride, but her role is obviously of high importance on this special day, I've searched for dresses that will be a fit to her playful, beautiful and sweet spirit.  My client has the most gorgeous head of thick long blonde hair and gams to match.  We want to be more conservative up top, so I have kept this in mind with the neckline of the dresses chosen.  I am stickler for etiquette, so where the dress does not cover the shoulders, I will suggest a caplet or pashmina and brooch type of situation for the ceremony.  

Most of these dresses are short as you will see.  That's because we want to accentuate the best parts of our body, always in a tasteful manner.  My own mother wore a short bright lavender dress with a matching jacket for our wedding.  It was perfect. Such a sophisticated look that was perfect for her.  Mom loves to boogie and she's got the stems for it.  As you can see, she starts out sophisticated MOB then moves to Boogie Woogie MOB as we dance away the night...

My message when dressing for a special occasion is to always er on the side of conservative.  Stay within respectable parameters for proper etiquette for the occasion, and beyond that, do YOU.  If you can't see all the gorgeous dresses below, click HERE