Seeking Approval

Rick Warren for President!  I read A Purpose Driven Life when I was just out of college. During my journey through adulthood thus far, I have turned more and more to my faith for comfort and security.  It has helped me to put less importance in what other people think of me, which has controlled much of my personal happiness for so long.  Daily Hope With Rick Warren is just one email devotional I read each day.  I find him to offer very sound, level headed yet powerful words of encouragement. 

I recall feeling a major shift in my friendships when I made the leap to pursue my passion on a professional level.  I felt there were close friends and readers of my blog (which is how the career started) who fiercely supported me while there were other friends who seemed to change in our friendship.  I am still not quite sure why, but I do feel as a result of longing for their love and approval during those early times, I have grown in my confidence in my own self.   This recent devotional by Rick Warren really hit home, and I hope it will provide some comfort for you if you ever find yourself seeking the approval of others in order to be happy.