Crushing On Natasha Law

I first discovered the rated G, PG and occasionally PG-13 innocently sensual pop art work of Natasha Law when I was ogling over interior design by the Queen City's own, Barrie Benson, several years ago.  It was in THIS photo I saw the punchy and bright deep turquoise (the same color as my old vintage Volvo) surrounding the absence of color in the shape of a nude woman leaning back on her forelegs.  Then, I saw this one while perusing Pinterest for design ideas in my own home.  I was crushing (and still do) on the brass lotus flower shaped pendant lighting, and then the artwork was all I could see.  What do you think?  I would love to have one some day. (Equal to the price of a small new car, but I'd rather drive around in amazing art work all day than a vehicle anyway).