Senior Style Muses

You may recall reading about Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style about a year ago.  His documentary style blog showcases the street style of mature women and men live from the sidewalks of Manhattan.  What I would give to see such artful sophistication donning streets of the QC!  These ladies and gentlemen are so inspiring!  Last week featured 8 Senior Style Muses You Need To Follow Now.  Everyone who truly loves fashion knows the Queen Bee of 'More Is More, Less Is A Bore', Iris Apfel.

Also included on that list were a few of Cohen's muses.  I truly don't think there could be anything more stylish at ANY age than Valerie von Sobel in the below outfit.  I mean just wow. Check out Vogue's full list HERE.

In other style and design news, I'm excited to have found what I think will be the most perfect simple bed skirt I've never been able find find before now... thanks to one of my biggie design crushes, Jamie Meares.  You better believe I was all kinds of excited when Jamie's Biz, Furbishregramed one of my photos of a friend's living room I did a quick refresher on using a few awesome goodies from Furbish.  This python tray, pair of Chiang Mai Dragon pillows and Herringbone Pom Pom throw were all it took to elevate Caroline's room from pretty darn cute to really pretty darn cute. Go crazy shopping Furbish!