Needlepoint Mania

It's been over a week since I've posted.  Are you still with me?  If so, thanks for hanging around with me while I make it through day after day of love, struggle, joy with my lively gift from God boys that I love, challenge, desire, passion, projects, contemplation, opportunities, assignments, prayer and so so much more.  Does anyone else feel this way?  Most days, at the end, when all is quiet in the house, I am grateful for the gift of respite.  I am working very hard on a more respectable bedtime, among so many things.  What are you working on improving?


Last week while I was pulling clothes for a very exciting styling project for the upcoming Color Issue of Carolina Bride, and I was in Capitol, I spotted a lovely small Saint Laurent needlepoint purse (below left)  that reminded me so much of one I have in my personal collection of vintage and inherited pieces.  Mine (below right), I believe, was needle pointed by my Great Aunt.  Mom, if you're reading, I'll be looking for an email or text from you with confirmation!  Anywho, fashion being so cyclical the way it is, it is always fun seeing something that reminds me of an inherited or hand me down coveted piece.  What do you think about needlepoint used in fashion?  Holla if you hear me... I think needlepoint 100% is not just for Grandma!  Check out more gorgeous needlepoint fashions and accessories for the interiors below the image or HERE...