Home Office Desires

If there is one thing I love as much as fashion, it is great interior design and decor.  I follow a lot of interior design blogs, and one in particular, Mimosa Lane I have followed since shortly after I discovered blogs existed.  Yesterday when I opened my in box to see an email from Mimosa Lane, I was stopped dead in my visual perusing over this glossy black and luminous gold desk on One Kings Lane.  And, like any all things beautiful obsessed blog publisher would do, I started created my own dream offices in my mind and on Polyvore.  

One thing I have long since wanted, needed, desired, longed for and more is a brass Lotus pendant. These works of art that light up a room can also light up a wallet, like this one listed on One Kings Lane.  Who wouldn't love the real deal, eh?  But when I first saw this metal version from World Market, I rejoiced in the achievable opportunity to have my very own Lotus pendant. 

And so, add the perfect rug and chair (I love my two yellow ghost chairs in our dining room), a few desk accessories and something live (or something faux that looks live), and Voila!  You have a home office that will desire and inspire.  On that note, it's time for me to get to work, so I can keep inching closer toward my very own dream home office!  Shop all my picks and more below the image or HERE.