Swimwear + Coverage I Need

Did I mention in my last 13 posts I love summer?  I love everything about it.  The warm summer sun, the BEACH, the pool, margaritas, sweating, summer style, wide brim hats, chic sunglasses, wedge sandals and summer bathing suits.  I love a teeny weeny bikini, but in all honestly, my body is just not made for one. That triangle top and tie on the side bikini thing.... So stinking cute and sexy.  Sadly, so not appropriate for my 'athletic build' (as I have been told).  

If only I could wear this.

With red, white, and blue on my mind for the summer, I did just order this striped bikini.

Part of it might be my conservative upbringing, but after two babies, things stretch, and at almost 40 things are just a little putty-like around some of the edges.  I feel good about the way I look in a bathing suit.  I am generally a clean, grazing style of eater, and I exercise routinely.  But sometimes that chips and queso and those margaritas are simply too hard to resist.

It's been about 4 years since I last bought a bathing suit, and I am just wanting something new. I am loving the return of the monokini, like the one I featured here in SouthPark Magazine and this one in Ballantyne Magazine.  I think it is a great fusion of class but still showing a little skin in an interesting way. 

This Tory Burch one shoulder one piece is classy, and I know she uses great materials, so I think it will be a good option for me. 

I LOVE the design of this black one.  Simple, sleek and classy

This KORE Swimsuit is the same design of the gorgeous monokini we used for SouthPark Magazine in the below picture

Here are some suits I found looking for good coverage and quality material that will hold those 2,000 body parts into place...