A Sign Of The Times

The fashion editorial feature in the current issue of Southpark Magazine is so hot and bright the models even have to wear their shades!  But seriously, I can't tell you how excited this spread gets me.  Every project's outcome is a result of the sum of the parts, and let me tell you, we were definitely operating on all cylinders for this one.  As my father said when I proudly handed him a copy, "GREAT job.  You had a lot to work with here Whitley," followed by a boyish flirtatious smile.  Let's just say he wasn't referring to the clothes.  Models Taylor Sharpe and Hadley Hilton sizzle just like fiya (favorite Pink song!) in House of Landor vintage styles (and a few pieces from my personal collection), Addison Weeks jewels and sunglasses from Innovative Eye Care.  Joseph Bradley's camera lens tell no lie. Charlotte artist Windy O'Connor's home played the perfect back drop for telling our story of high style, and Adrienne McCann flawlessly maintained the vintage glam vibe with hair and makeup. What can I say?  I want it all.  Visit HERE for all wardrobe and accessory credits.