Treggings and Stirrups

Who What Wear was probably the first fashion blog I ever laid eyes on.  That or Blair Eadie's Atlantic-Pacific, which might actually have been brought to my attention via Who What Wear. 

Who What Wear is ALL about style. Street Style, Celebrity Style, Fashion, Trends, you name it, and with their email newsletter you get a daily dose of what's going down that very day.  They find a way to make every single post relevant and interesting. Let's take their recent post on treggings.  Not jeggings, not stirrups, TREGGINGS.  Das right.  Treggings.  

Are treggings the new jeggings? I mean, I can't even say that I care, but I am intrigued.  What are your thoughts? Do you own a pair?  Have you seen someone else in a pair?  Do even realize that you are going to walk straight into fall this year and see more 80's paraphernalia than you believe humanly possible since 1990? I will be really honest, a little tiny piece of me wants to put on a pair of metallic stirrups and colored high heels just for shock factor and fun. See what Who What Wear has to say on the matter. 

And of course, shop your stirrups, jeggings and treggings heart out below and HERE.