Caftan Love

I've always had a thing for the caftan.  Or is it kaftan?  I guess if we were in the Middle East it would probably be a Kaftan with a K.  I'm going with caftan with a C, because that's what the prosecco says right now.  Can you tell the times I write when I'm in to the wine? It's actually the case more than not because I am usually writing when the day is done... the children, the work, the exercise, the children.  Well, I was shopping on line for a client about 30 seconds ago, but when I saved this accessibly priced pretty black patent pump into the file with her name, the file Caftan was in my line of vision, and I remembered a couple of months ago I thought I would write a post about caftans because I love them so much, and I styled a couple in the August issue of Southpark Magazine.  Now can you see there is prosecco?  It's summer, I'm working my fanny off, let there be prosecco!  And caftans.  Oh, and if you have children, you have to see Shaun the Sheep.  We got a two disk set from the $5 stand at Target.  It is fantastically hilarious.  English and charming and funny.  

Onto the caftans.  A couple from that SouthPark Magazine shoot as well as styling one of my Grandmother's vintage poolside loungers on the blog.  If you love the casual elegance of a caftan as much as I do, shop them below and HERE