What Two Days On A Commercial Set Produces

I'm often asked to explain exactly what I do for work.  I think most people get that I am a "personal shopper," but I think the whole "wardrobe stylist" reference can be perplexing.  So, I am a wardrobe stylist specializing in personal (individuals), commercial (businesses) and editorial (magazine) work.  I recently got my hands on some photos from a commercial job last summer for Meineke.  We shot in August and in the South.  It was about 95 degrees and humid, that day, like most summer days here are.  So the image below with the young people having fun going camping; Yep!  It was smoking hot, and they were layered in cold weather clothing. There was even a campfire scene!  I thought I'd share are a few outtakes and fun shots from the two days on set for Meineke.  Days like this are typically very long and hard working but a LOT of fun!