Interesting + Pretty Blouses

After a few VERY cold days in Charlotte and a couple of snowflakes that shut down Mecklenburg County schools, we are back to unseasonably warm and sunny spring weather here in the QC!  I shouldn't call it unseasonable, however, since this happens pretty much year after year.

That said, with my on line searching for clients this week I remembered I had my eye on these interesting cotton blouses.  Two brands, Petersyn and Style Mafia, have caught my eye for their drama, interesting symmetry and reasonable price points.  I think these blouses would be perfect paired with both skinny jeans OR dressy black pants or a long skirt.  Here are a few of my favorites...


This white blouse with amazing sleeves might be my pick for Best All Around.

The drama on this sleeve is above and beyond.  Bonus... it comes in red, black or white!

The holidays are behind us, but paired with black tuxedo pants, this top would be my pick for next year's party! 

While we're at interesting at an awesome price, though totally off topic, how great is this round black and gold coffee table by Nate Berkus?  Pretty much the entire collection for Target is winner.

Shop all the fab tops below and HERE if you are unable to see the images in your reader.